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Into the blessed valley- Kashmir Trip 2016

Last year, I got lucky when I got the golden chance of visiting the vale of heaven. This 10-day excursion was nothing less than a joyride to paradise. There I saw, a melange of emotions on the many faces I encountered with every passing moment. The wonderment of the colossal mountains, the silent stupor in the cascading rivers, the splendor of the lush green fields- converged in my mind and put it into an utmost state of trance. Here are some interesting places I visited and they undoubtedly have been deeply etched in my memory for many coming years of my life.

Flying Gondolas of Gulmarg!! This isn't anything close to Venice. The majestic gondola ride(trolley ride) takes us to the sumptuous meadows of Gulmarg. The car ride before that was almost as exciting. There was bountiful of greenery for my eyes to feast on and cure itself of metropia that I invited very many years ago :-). The mule(or horse?) attracted most of my attention. The grace in its stature, poise of its stance was …

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