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How to Get People to Like you

From the onset of civilization, man has been socializing and setting up cultures and hierarchies to differentiate and discriminate. A man is indeed a social animal. Today, however, the scenario has changed for the better. We have a vast and complex ecosystem of social media networking and socializing has become easily accessible.

Competition is increasing exponentially and only the best survives. Your success is highly contingent on how many people you can please.
Therefore, for your own sake, let us understand how to please, sorry, how to get people to like you!
The Longest nose takes it all!!

If you come from a not-so-interesting, humble background, you have got to follow this advice. If you have never been anywhere for an exotic vacation or haven't achieved anything significant in life, lying about it might actually save you. Decorate your CV with fabricated stories, post a picture in the nearest park with a caption "Chilling at the Veale Gardens in Adelaide, Australia" …

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